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Desiree Ericksen

Desiree Ericksen
Desiree is a self-motivated financial services industry leader with 14 years’ experience through nearly all financial institution operations, from teller to Vice President – IT/Security Officer. Now providing detailed analysis to financial services companies, she is able to apply years of direct subject matter knowledge, analyzing inherent risk of vendors and their subservice providers. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Information Systems and is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP). Through her experience in regulatory, internal and external audits, she has first-hand experience in what challenges financial services organizations are facing in third party risk management.
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Risk of Not Reviewing Your Vendor's SOC Report

May 15, 2019

Reviewing each vendor’s SOC (System and Organization Controls) report is a critical due diligence step and is vital in the initial vendor selection stage and the ongoing monitoring stage. SOC [...]

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SOC Reports

Red Flags in Critical Vendor SOC Reports

Oct 17, 2018

When you begin your initial due diligence or regular monitoring of a vendor, one of the first things to do is to request all their SOC reports. You also need to ask for the SOC reports for any [...]

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SOC Reports

Why and When You Look at a Fourth Party’s SOC Report

Aug 29, 2018

Some say that your business is only as good as your employees. The same can be said for your vendors, as they are only as good as their vendor (your fourth party). A fourth party vendor is your [...]

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