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Venminder offers ICBA community banks a centralized approach to third-party risk management, complete with searchable library of control assessments and access to subject-matter experts and educational resources. Venminder will be hosting two introductory webinars in June for ICBA members. 


Exclusive Offers to ICBA Members

ICBA and Venminder worked together to establish tangible benefits to ICBA members through a discount and special offers. To make the move to automate and streamline your third-party risk management program and for further information on these offers, you can email info@venminder.com 

In partnership with ICBA, Venminder offers:


platform discount to all ICBA members

1 free

Control Assessment for all
ICBA Bancard customers



Why Venminder? 

Venminder is helping hundreds of banks and other organizations manage vendor risk. Whether you're just getting started or have a mature program, we can help you drive efficiency and protect your bank. Our solutions are scalable so our clients range in size from $20M to $200B. 


clients are partnered with Venminder to manage third-party risk management


of banks say that third-party risk management is getting more scrutiny by the regulators

About the Venminder platform

Venminder’s platform provides a centralized location to execute a third-party risk management program. It enables your users to store documentation, onboard a vendor, track contracts, manage SLAs, send and manage questionnaires, manage due diligence and oversight, complete risk assessments, create workflows, run reporting and more.

Control Assessments performed by Venminder’s qualified experts, including CISSPs, CPAs, financial risk analysts, paralegals and more, are readily available in the Venminder Exchange library. The assessments enable clients to identify possible risks and understand areas of strength on their vendors’ information security and privacy standards, SOC reports, financial viability, business continuity/disaster recovery preparedness, contractual standards, regulatory compliance and more.

Renowned for Customer Support 

Venminder is renowned for having excellent customer support and providing extraordinary customer experiences. We focus on the needs of clients by working closely and creating a collaborative partnership, providing product training, implementation assistance, ongoing support, access to subject matter experts, best practice recommendations and educational resources.

We believe that your success is our success. 

ICBA Bank Vendor Risk Management Tsumani

Why Third-Party Risk Management Should Be a Top Priority to Your Bank NOW

With the COVID-19 pandemic impacting and reshaping many vendors businesses, there is now a tsunami workload here. Your bank will need to optimize your vendor management approach as critical and high-risk vendors will require more due diligence, review and monitoring than ever before. 

  • Some vendors will not survive the pandemic.
  • Your risk exposure is higher with due diligence and risk assessments that don't reflect the current situation.
  • Regulatory pressures are only set to increase.
  • Declining income can mean vendors cut costs and staff which can lead to declining service levels. This can  all mean declining information security support which will accelerate system vulnerabilities that will put your customers and your reputation at risk.

Venminder Educational Resources 

Venminder is committed to helping to educate bankers on the best way to manage vendors and mitigate risk. ICBA and Venminder will regularly bring you the latest information available on third-party risk management best practices, and you can also access the following resources at your leisure: 


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