Do You Know Your Vendor Cybersecurity Preparedness? Download a sample of our Point-In-Time Cybersecurity Analysis

sample-point-in-time-cybersecurity-analysisCybersecurity is a huge topic. You have the responsibility to prevent, detect and respond but you also must ensure your vendors are doing the same.  

Download our sample Point-In-Time Cybersecurity Analysis and feel free to use it as a guide for doing your own assessments or contact us if outsourcing this type of work is right for you.  

Our vendor cybersecurity analysis evaluates your vendor's cybersecurity parepardness.

We focus on five main points. 

  1. Network penetration
  2. Sensitive data security
  3. Employee, contractor & 4th party vendor (access, hiring, vendor risk management)
  4. Incident detection & response
  5. Cybersecurity insurance coverage

T&C: This offer is only available to verified US-based businesses. This document is only provided to those who are reviewing for the purpose of their own third-party risk program. A business email must be provided. By completing the form, you agree to keep this document confidential in your organization and to not distribute this document outside of your organization. We reserve the right to deny the request. Accepted requests will be processed promptly. 

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