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Vendor Financial Health Analysis

Save your CPA valuable time by having our CPA team analyze, review and summarize  your vendor financial statements. We'll give you what you need to make the best strategic decisions on your vendors.
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Cash flow, adequate funding, leverage, EBITDA, capital...these are just a few of the key elements to your vendor’s ultimate capability to deliver what they promised. Understanding your vendor’s financial health isn’t just an academic exercise. Financial viability is the foundational core that drives all other deliverables from your vendor.

Instead of reading through hundreds of pages of vendor financial statements yourself or assigning your CPAs valuable time, our on staff CPA's can review and summarize the information helping you distill the financial statements down to meaningful information you can act upon. 

Key Benefits
  • A Financial Health Risk indicator
  • Recommendations for frequency and intensity of financial monitoring
  • Highlighted areas of concern for your consideration
  • A free consultation with our analyst

Our Experts

Performed by our in-house CPA's who analyze 200+ pages of public and/or international company financial statements and condense it down to a 1 page summary.

Regulatory Guidance

Your regulator will expect thorough financial reviews on any critical or high risk third party no less than annually. However, if disturbing trends are identified, the frequency of your review should increase to quarterly.

Your regulator will also expect your financial analyst to be qualified and experienced to actually “analyze” the financial data, not just copy and paste key data elements.

FDIC FIL 44-2008

Under regulatory guidance FDIC FIL 44-2008, the financial condition is an important factor that needs to be analyzed by a financial expert, the guidance is clear on requiring the following considerations; 

  • Audited financial statements, annual reports, SEC filings, and other available financial indicators
  • Significance of the proposed contract on the third party's financial condition.



Why Choose Venminder

In today’s world of increased outsourced risk and heightened regulatory scrutiny, third party risk management is outgrowing the capacity of existing resources at most financial institutions.

The internet of things along with the rapid movement to the cloud necessitates a whole new set of qualifications when assessing vendor risk. Additionally, the sheer volume of assessments, documentation and reporting that is required on all levels of third parties requires an efficient and organized system to properly manage it all.

The perfect solution combines the qualified experts with a robust software platform to ensure your third party risk program meets regulatory requirements and produces excellent exam results. That is what Venminder delivers!


Download a Sample

Download a free analysis on your core processor's financial performance for the 2015 fiscal year. Click here. 


Do you know your vendors financial condition?

Download a free one page summarized financial statement analysis now

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national bank of commerce Case Study

Read how National Bank of Commerce changed their vendor management with Venminder

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