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Ready For a Change

Dec 5, 2013 by David Sale

say that I like change. Change is good. Change is healthy. Innovation depends on change. The reality however is that, as much as I advocate it, I don’t really like change very much. Change can be a real hassle. You need to want change, understand what to change then know how to change it; and that is just the beginning.

Why Make Changes?

As I am sure you can agree, instigating change definitely seems easier when there is a critical problem or urgent need that takes priority over other activities. Often times, however, it stands to reason that the last thing you may make time for are changes which may not appear urgent or even necessary. If it’s not broken then why fix it?

The answer is clear. In today’s world success is not a pass/fail test. Success is about constantly moving the needle in the direction of your goals and objectives. Putting out fires and dealing with evolving business conditions are necessary real world challenges, but they are essentially status-quo activities.

Using Change to Your Advantage

Moving the needle requires consistent assessment of all aspects of your business to ensure that operations are executed and managed as efficiently, productively and profitably as possible. This is many times no more apparent than with your third party engagements. A mission that is unquestionably on your service providers but even more so on you. Creating a sound Vendor Management program not only helps you manage risk but also drives the performance and innovation critical for real success.

I like change. Change is good. Change is healthy. Innovation depends on change. Are you ready?

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David Sale

Written by David Sale

Vendor Management Solutions (VMS) creates vendor management programs focused on Due Diligence, Compliance, Performance Management, Communication, Change Control and Innovation. VMS makes managing external relationships more efficient, productive and profitable. Visit Website: www.vms-resources.com

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