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Venminder offers the leading third party risk management software and services that enables organizations of all sizes to mitigate vendor risk and streamline processes


Over 650 clients across a wide variety of industries all trust Venminder as their third party risk management partner

Why Venminder

Heavily Regulated Industries

Venminder’s team have in particular extensive expertise within the following financial services industries that have some of the strictest regulations outlined on what is expected when managing third parties.

Failure to meet these regulations can have huge consequences including bad exams, enforcement actions, large fines and more.

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A Business Best Practice

Regardless of regulations, third party risk management today is simply a best practice.

By failing to monitor your vendors you could be putting your organization at a huge risk, with reputational risk that can cause brand damage and loss of customers being the most impactful.

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Customer Success Stories

Venminder Client - Radius Bank

Automate Third Party Risk Management to Improve Efficiency and Streamline Processes

Radius Bank quickly recognized that Excel spreadsheets was no longer sufficient and wanted to find the right solution.

First Tech Credit Union - Venminder Client

Streamlined Vendor Risk Management Exceeds Third Party Risk Requirements

With over $8.6 billion in assets, First Tech Federal Credit Union is one of the ten largest credit unions in the United States, serving more than 425,000 members nationwide.

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