Analyze Your Vendor's SOC Report

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Once you have received your vendor's SOC report, your next step is to read, review and understand the contents. You'll want to outline the positives and negatives in order to determine any risk the vendor's controls represent to your institution. 

Each year our team reviews, analyzes and reports on hundreds of SOC reports provided by your critical and high risk vendors. We provide the results to our clients in a summary document that allows them to focus on the important components, including the set of controls that you control directly. 

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  • Five Main Principles: Our team looks for the five main principles of trust: security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality and privacy. 

  • Experience: Our SOC reviews are performed by trusted CISSP's who take deep dives into the SOC report to call out findings and concerns.

  • Cost Effective: Adding qualified FTE's is expensive. Existing qualified FTE's are stretched thin. Our staff fills resource gaps at a fraction of the cost. 

  • Confidence: SOC reports can be complex. It's imperative to understand the contents and any risks identified. Our reviews ensure you never miss anything important regarding the security and safety of your (and your customer's) data. 

  • Saves Time: We do the tactical work of reviewing the SOC reports leaving you time to focus on the strategic decisions required based on those results. 

T&C: This offer is only available to approved businesses serving the financial services industry. By completing the form you agree to keep this document confidential and to not share this report with anyone outside of your company.

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