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Third Party Thursday

JULY 18, 2019

Interview: Jo Ann Barefoot, CEO at Barefoot Innovation Group and Cofounder at Hummingbird Regtech, on Third-Party Risk

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Jo Ann Barefoot, CEO at Barefoot Innovation group and Cofounder at Hummingbird Regtech, shares her thought provoking insight on how organizations are handling third party risk management in this industry interview. Using her extensive experience in the industry, Jo Ann shares best practices for dealing with regtech vendors – including tips for the vetting process and cybersecurity management.

The Venminder team would like to thank Jo Ann Barefoot, CEO of Barefoot Innovation Group, Cofounder of Hummingbird Regtech, Senior Adviser to the Omidyar Network and host of the podcast show Barefoot Innovation, for participating in this interview.

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