Vendor Management Examination Preparation Guidebook
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vendor management examination preparation guidebookDo you have your vendor management in order?

How are you preparing for the vendor management portion of your examination? The best strategy, of course, is to stay on top of all vendor management tasks throughout the year so that there’s no last minute scrambling to catch up. 

However, as exam time draws nearer, it’s a great exercise to take stock on where you’re at and what is left to do before that exam notice hits your desk (and it’s too late).

Download the guide for:

  • Exam Preparation: A list of items to have prepared ahead of a potential exam window
  • Exam Notification: Once you receive notification of examination, what are the key next steps to ensure a successful exam
  • Examinar Arrival Day: 14 tips for planning for the day of the examiner's arrival


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