Download a Free Venminder Vendor Financial Health Analysis

vendor financial analysisSee your vendor's financial performance for fiscal year 2018

Offer available from one of the following vendors: Fiserv, FIS, Ellie Mae, ADP, Experian, Jack Henry or Amazon.


  • Easy to Digest: We've done a thorough exam of the entire financial statement and condensed the results.
  • Displays Possible Areas for Concern: The good, the bad and the ugly regarding trends and the risk they may represent. 
  • Indicators and Recommendations: A Financial Health indicator and our recommendation on the frequency of monitoring.
  • Examiner Proofed: They've been scrutinized by examiners from every regulatory body with rave reviews.


T&C: Offer is limited to one choice of vendor available per company. This offer is only available to verified US-based businesses. This document is only provided to those who are reviewing for the purpose of their own third party risk program. A business email must be provided. By completing the form, you agree to keep this document confidential in your organization and to not distribute this document outside of your organization. We reserve the right to deny the request. Accepted requests will be processed promptly. 

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