The Final Countdown to GDPR
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countdown-to-GDPRGDPR COMES INTO EFFECT MAY 25 - are you ready?

The General Data Protection Regulation is a new regulation from the European Union (EU) and it impacts U.S. companies. Its aimed at protecting consumer data and privacy of European citizens and has global consequences for businesses who collect, store and process consumer data - that means you'll need to be sure to comply.

We've created a guide that answers some of the common GDPR questions to help you get ready.

Download the infographic for:

  • How to assess the regulatory compliance risk of this requirement
  • How U.S. companies are impacted
  • Steps to take to stay in compliance
  • The difference between data controllers and data processors
  • Other concerns to be aware of (like data breach notifications and the financial risk with GDPR noncompliance)


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