Download a Free Sample of a Vendor's Business Health Company Report

In today's demanding regulatory climate,
business health can change overnight. 

bank-credit-union-vendor-risk-monitoring-sample.pngIn partnership with Argos Intelligence, these company reports offer an easy and cost-effective way for your organization to monitor credit-worthiness and to better know with whom you are doing business.

These company reports cover:

  • Company, public and third party credit information
  • Recent Alerts
  • Argos Risk Score
  • Business Health Index
  • Estimated Days Beyond Terms vs Industry Norm
  • Likelihood of Consistent Payment

T&C: This offer is only available to verified US-based businesses. This document is only provided to those who are reviewing for the purpose of their own third-party risk program. A business email must be provided. By completing the form, you agree to keep this document confidential in your organization and to not distribute this document outside of your organization. We reserve the right to deny the request. Accepted requests will be processed promptly. 


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