Download a Free Sample Risk Assessment of an Initial Vetting Package of a Third Party

initial vetting of a third partyFor every third-party you choose to do business with, there is foundational risk even if it's only reputational. Therefore, step 1 in every new relationship should be doing the necessary research to know your vendor, meet regulatory requirements, and protect your reputation.

What should that research look like? We’re happy to show you! 

Request and receive a free vendor vetting package that will include:

  • Secretary of State check
  • Complaint research (CFPB, BBB, Ripoffreport.com)
  • OFAC check on C-level executives and the company
  • Articles of Incorporation/Business License
  • Tax ID #
  • D&B report
  • Negative news search

T&C: This offer is only available to verified business emails. This document is only provided to those who are reviewing for the purpose of their own third-party risk program. By completing the form, you agree to keep this document confidential and to not distribute this document outside of your organizationWe reserve the right to deny the request. Accepted requests will be processed promptly. 

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