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Venminder Announces Addition of 2024 SIG into Third-Party Risk Management Platform

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Venminder, an industry recognized leader in third-party risk management solutions, today announced the addition of the new 2024 SIG questionnaires into their platform. The 2024 SIG has been updated by Shared Assessments to align with the evolving regulatory and threat environment.

Elizabethtown, KYVenminder, a leading provider in Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM) solutions, is excited to announce the addition of the 2024 Shared Assessments Standardized Information Gathering Questionnaires (SIG) into their TPRM software platform. Vetted annually by Shared Assessments’ members and subject matter experts, the SIG questionnaires provide standardized efficiency in performing third-party risk assessments by providing a rich database of predictable, standardized questions organized by risk control domains, mapping references, and risk control categories. 

"With each SIG release by Shared Assessments, we prioritize adding the new SIG questionnaires into our platform to ensure that our customers gain value from the content refresh and new mappings,” said James Hyde, CEO of Venminder. “We see this as more than just an enhancement of our product; it's a reflection of Venminder's unwavering dedication to pioneering in the field of third-party risk management. These updates ensure our customers have the most comprehensive and current tools always available to navigate the increasingly complex world of third-party risks.”

The Venminder platform is used to manage the end-to-end relationship with vendors and users send, receive, and score thousands of vendor questionnaires every month to gather required information needed to assess, manage, and mitigate third-party risk. Venminder provides their customers with many questionnaire templates to equip organizations with what they need to get started quickly and stay current with industry best practices. 

“Quick to standardize on the 2024 SIG, Venminder has shown itself as a leader in offering standardized assurance to its customers. We are happy to partner with organizations like Venminder who are committed to streamlining assessments without compromising security,” said Andrew Moyad, CEO of Shared Assessments. 

The new 2024 SIG Core and SIG Lite questionnaires are now readily accessible as pre-built templates for Venminder customers, enhancing the ease and efficiency of their risk assessment processes. This updated integration continues to leverage Shared Assessments' expertise, ensuring Venminder's customers benefit from the most up-to-date, expert-driven insights in TPRM.

This year’s updates to the Shared Assessments SIG bring substantial enhancements, including new domains such as Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Risk Management. These additions are crucial for organizations facing increasing complexities and challenges in the current risk landscape. 

The latest regulations and widely adopted standards in the 2024 SIG include:

  • NIST Artificial Intelligence 100-1, 2023
  • NIST SP-800-161r1, 2022
  • Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) 2.0, 2021
  • CIS Critical Security Controls v8202
  • Interagency Guidance on Third-Party Relationships
  • New York DFS’s Climate Guidance
  • German Supply Chain Act
  • SEC Cybersecurity Rule 206(4)-9
  • PCI DSS v4.0
  • ISO27001 v2022 and ISO27002 v2022

About Venminder

Venminder offers a premier SaaS platform for third-party risk management, enabling users to efficiently manage vendor relationships and oversee crucial processes such as risk assessments, due diligence, and ongoing monitoring. The platform boasts comprehensive reporting for transparent third-party management and features in-depth assessments of vendor capabilities in areas like information security, financial stability, and business continuity. Venminder also spearheads Third Party ThinkTank, a complimentary online community for third-party risk professionals. For more information, visit and follow on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

About Shared Assessments

Shared Assessments is a member-driven organization committed to advancing best practices and standards to empower practitioners to navigate their careers and build stronger TPRM programs. Shared Assessments’ Standardized Information Gathering Questionnaire (SIG) is updated with industry standards, emerging risks and regulations, and the collective intelligence of our members every year to keep pace with the shifting third-party risk landscape. To learn more about Shared Assessments and the SIG, please visit 

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