Gain a 360-degree view of third-party risk by using our SaaS software to centralize, track, automate, assess and report on your vendors. 

Managed Services

Let us handle the manual labor of third-party risk management by collaborating with our experts to reduce the workload and mature your program. 

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Virtual Vendor Management Office
Vendor Site Audit

Ongoing Monitoring

Let us handle the manual labor of third-party risk management by collaborating with our experts.

Venminder Exchange

As Venminder completes assessments for clients on new vendors, they are then made available inside the Venminder Exchange for you to preview scores and purchase as you need.


Use Cases

Learn more on how customers are using Venminder to transform their third-party risk management programs. 


Venminder is used by organizations of all sizes in all industries to mitigate vendor risk and streamline processes

Why Venminder

We focus on the needs of our customers by working closely and creating a collaborative partnership

Sample Vendor Risk Assessments

Venminder experts complete 30,000 vendor risk assessments annually. Download samples to see how outsourcing to Venminder can reduce your workload.



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Earn CPE credit and stay current on the latest best practices and trends in third-party risk management.  

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Venminder Samples

Download samples of Venminder's vendor risk assessments and see how we can help reduce the workload. 

State of Third-Party Risk Management 2023!

Venminder's seventh annual whitepaper provides insight from a variety of surveyed individuals into how organizations manage third-party risk today.



Risk Assessments

Determine the level of risk your vendor poses to your organization.

RA Replacement


Assess and risk rate all your vendors so you can make informed decisions


Assessing risk on your third parties is one of (if not THE) most important exercises in a third-party risk management program. Defining both the inherent and residual risk of third parties guides the vast majority of due diligence and oversight activities.


Create consistency and ease through the course of the entire risk assessment

The platform will drive you through steps from selecting and modifying questionnaires to monitoring progress of an assessment and reviewing results to calculate and judge residual risk.


Align the platform to your organization’s risk assessment process

Gain more control in a variety of details, such as risk levels, timing, risk thresholds, risk assessment integration into the Vendor Onboarding module, ability to record inherent and residual risk separately, utilizing mitigating questions to determine residual risk and provide guidance on mitigating control factors and more.


Improve risk assessment quality and visibility

Rather than just looking at answers in a questionnaire, close gaps by allowing weight on user’s responses to show particular importance, easily see if further mitigation needs to be completed on an item and use reports to monitor it all.

Adaptable to scale with  your organization

Maturity, methodology and approaches largely vary. Refine and customize inherent and residual risk assessments, scoring and more to meet your organization's standards. 

risk assessment

Easily collaborate internally

Invite your internal subject matter experts (for example, CFO) to weigh in on a particular section of risk. Invite as many people as you need to contribute to any risk assessment. Elect prevailing contributors as well.

Create templates to drive consistency

Have a consistent approach regardless who is doing the risk assessment. The flexibility of templates provides some guidance on what should be completed and the ability to customize to fit or directly mirror any existing assessments.

risk assessment templates


Quest Library


You can define the risk levels and scoring

Whether you use the terms "low", "moderate" or "high" for risk levels or call them something different, you can define those and customize the scoring in our risk assessments feature.

Drive results with robust features

Create clear, concise risk rating reports

Easily see a report of how many vendors are rated in each of the categories.

Ability to control mitigation allowances

You can control what and how many mitigations should be taken per risk rating.

Use within the Onboarding Workspace

You can use it for onboarding as well as ongoing stages.


It’s not just about our platform.
It’s about our people.

checkSpecialize in third-party risk management and are passionate about it's importance
checkHold a wide range of certifications and qualifications including CISSP, CTPRP, Paralegal, CPA, CRISC, GCIH, ABCP, CCNA and more
checkStay current on industry trends and latest news
checkOn hand to provide advice to our customers and community
checkDrive our educational content and advocate for best practice third-party risk management

You won't just hear it from us

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(4.6 out of 5 | 163 Gartner Peer Insights Reviews)
As of January 3, 2024
"Their vendor assessment service takes a significant amount of time and pressure off of our staff, who don’t have the expertise to adequately review most high-risk or critical vendors."
VP Compliance
“Very user friendly with tons of features that can be utilized to automate manual processes. Everything is in one place and easy to find/access. Makes tracking down information easy and consistent "
Administrator, VRM
“Can't say enough good things about Venminder! It is an excellent vendor management solution right out of the box, but it is also flexible and configurable to fit almost any vm program"
Vendor Management, InfoSec Specialist
"Switching to Venminder has been absolutely life-changing, and I can't say enough good things about this amazing platform!"
Sourcing, Procurement and Vendor Management Leader
"Venminder's platform provides a great centralized tool to track, assess and review vendors. It provides robust functionality around each of the phases of the overall vendor lifecycle"
Analyst, VRM
due dili
"It has provided a platform to better manage our Vendor Relationships throughout the entire vendor lifecycle. Venminder has also provided top notch support every step of the way"
Vendor Relationship Manager

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