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5 Reasons Vendor Management Oversight Can Be Successfully Outsourced

Jun 6, 2018 by Venminder Experts

Learn why vendor management oversight is now recognized as a unique discipline which you can successfully outsourced.

Top 5 Reasons to Outsource Vendor Management

  1. You can manage risk for less.

  2. With the average new employee cost in any role estimated to be at a factor of 4 times base salary, outsourcing a process or function when and as you need it will save you money. Often in vendor management we focus on "What will this cost me?"  What we are seeing more and more at Venminder is the reoccurring question, "What will this service SAVE my organization?"

  3. Outsourcing can help with quality of work and quantity of work. For example, in the financial services industry, front end fulfilment services have often been outsourced to leverage increased volumes either due to sheer success of the brand or seasonal market rate environments.

  4. Areas such as quality control, IT consultants or collateral review services have enhanced the internal operation where either a limited talent pool or higher cost of living prohibits staffing up on a full-time basis.

  5. The adoption of outsourcing is considered forward thinking - it's a strategic advantage of leveraging a resource to continue to meet Service Level Agreement (SLA) turn-time business needs.

The thought leaders, such as CEOs, CAOs and COOs, invariably look at a line of business or regulatory compliance requirement as a line item cost and not a profit center. The adoption of outsourcing a function which leverages specific financial services expertise can and has been proven to reduce those cost items considerably. 

In 2017, Venminder saw a significant shift in the number of services where executives outsourced a significant portion of the vendor management oversight role. Outsourcing certain vendor tasks can be very powerful to your organization. 

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