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Customer Success Stories

Clients love Venminder because the tools are user-friendly and you have an entire firm behind you to manage the everyday risks associated with third parties

american credit acceptance case study venminder

American Credit Acceptance Has Found More Time to Move the Business Forward with the Help of Venminder

With a small dedicated team, ACA needed to find a way to improve their very manual processes and create efficiencies.

first state bank

First State Bank Finds Value in Thorough Due Diligence and Improves Processes 

Due to limited on-staff employees, First State Bank struggled to meet regulatory requirements involved in collecting and evaluating due diligence documentation.

commonwealth central credit union

CommonWealth Central Credit Union Saves Time and Builds a Strong Vendor Management Evaluation System 

The credit union's online portal lacked automation benefits and they also were using Excel to risk rank vendors.

Radius Bank Logo - Venminder Client

Automate Third Party Risk Management to Improve Efficiency and Streamline Processes

Radius Bank uses various vendors to provide them with services that are complementary to their strategy and goals and were finding it difficult to manage all of the data needed on those vendors.

Flushing Bank - Venminder Client

Achieves Well-Organized and Successful Vendor Risk Management Program with Venminder

Flushing Bank had a strong need for transparency throughout their vendor risk management program but were finding it difficult to achieve this using a module inside an Enterprise Risk Management (ERM).

Meriwest Credit Union - Venminder Client

Branches Consolidated Vendors and Realized Cost Savings

Competing priorities, lack of time and personnel, and a file cabinet full of contracts across all branches made vendor risk management overwhelming.

First Tech Credit Union - Venminder Client

Streamlined Vendor Risk Management Exceeds Third Party Risk Requirements

With over $8.6 billion in assets, First Tech Federal Credit Union is one of the ten largest credit unions in the United States, serving more than 425,000 members nationwide.

National Bank of Commerce - Venminder Client

New Approach to Vendor Management Lessens Risk, Improves Efficiency

With more than 700 vendors to manage, National Bank of Commerce, a $550 million asset bank knew it needed to improve vendor management.

Bank & Trust Company - Venminder Client

Bank & Trust Company Drives Efficiency through Software and Outsourced Reviews

Bank & Trust Company were faced with the common challenge of keeping up with the regulatory compliance around vendor management without pulling a huge amount of time from their staff.

Balboa Thrift and Loan - Venminder Client

Balboa Thrift and Loan Association Enhances Third Party Risk Management Program

Balboa Thrift and Loan managed vendor data using Excel spreadsheets which was proving cumbersome. Their third party risk management program was very de-centralized and chaotic.


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