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Subchapter S Bank Association and Digital Compliance Announce Partnership

Aug 21, 2014 by Venminder Experts

SAN ANTONIO, TX and ELIZABETHTOWN, KY – In our continued quest to identify companies that provide forward thinking opportunities to financial institutions, we are pleased to announce a new partnership agreement with Digital Compliance and Subchapter S Bank Association. Through the partnership, Subchapter S Bank Association members will be introduced to Venminder, Digital Compliance’s dynamic, online vendor management solution for compliance documentation, contract management and guided exam report preparation. An artful blend of cloud-hosted software and outsourced services, Venminder fits like a glove for community banks of all shapes and sizes.

“The Association is always looking to provide our members with new and exciting ways to improve their sources of revenue and reduce expenses. As regulation continues to increase and community banks increasingly are scrutinized we believe Digital Compliance has the knowledge and experience to guide Subchapter S banks effectively and efficiently,” said Subchapter S Bank Association President Patrick Kennedy Jr.

“Vendor management is top-of-mind for most banks due to the increased regulatory scrutiny. However, what many bank executives are now learning is that when done right, a good vendor management discipline will actually save the bank money while pleasing examiners,” said Digital Compliance President/CEO Kelli Schultz. “We are delighted to have crossed paths with the Subchapter S Bank Association. Their passion for helping community banks thrive reflects our own. Our common purpose has generated the fuel for a powerful partnership.”

Together, Subchapter S Bank Association and Digital Compliance are committed to the values brought by a strong vendor management program to run a healthier financial institution.

About Venminder powered by Digital Compliance

Founded by the same team that founded the online bill payment company, iPay Technologies, Venminder is an artful blend of software and outsourced services. Smart workflows help you manage your contracts, risk rate your vendors, prepare for exams and much more. Services fill the gaps when you don’t have the resources to do the heavy lifting with your own team. For more information, visit www.digitalcomply.com 

About Subchapter S Bank Association

In 1998, the Subchapter S Bank Association was created to provide financial institutions that have either elected, or are interested in, Subchapter S tax status a unified voice through which to promote and protect the benefits available under a Subchapter S election. With members across the United States, we provide education and a forum to both inform and connect our diverse membership. The Subchapter S Bank Association also provides a grass-roots channel through which members can participate in the legislative dialogue on legislation that can and does affect the industry. For more information, visit www.subsbanks.org 

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