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Financial institutions love Venminder because the tools are user friendly and you have an entire firm behind you to manage the everyday risks associated with third parties
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vendor vetting service

Vendor Vetting Package

For every third party you choose to do business with, there is foundational risk even if it’s only reputational. Therefore, step 1 in every new relationship should be doing the necessary research to know your vendor, meet regulatory requirements and protect your reputation.
vendor contract review service

Paralegal Contract Review

The contract review and summary is performed by our own in-house paralegal staff. We’ll review your vendor contract from top to bottom and produce a comprehensive report calling out provisions that both you and the examiners will care about.
vendor document collection service

Document Collection

The Venminder team will gather a comprehensive set of documents on behalf of your financial institution to include audit reports, financials, business continuity plans, security testing results, policies, insurance certificates, etc.
vendor financial health analysis services

Vendor Financial Health Analysis

Our highly qualified staff of commercial credit analysts and CPA’s will comb through all the financial data provided and produce a meaningful report you can act upon.
vendor soc report services

Service Organization Controls (SOC) Analysis

The SSAE-16/SOC II report covers controls in place to insure security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality and privacy. These reports contain controls implemented by the vendor and also those required to be implemented by the customer in order to complete the control structure.
what is a business continuity plan

BCP Documentation Analysis and Executive Level Summary

The Business Continuity analysis, performed by our on staff CISSPs, is an in-depth look at the business continuity plans for your vendor product, including testing results and client-side requirements.
vendor information security services

Information Security Assessment

A Complete Information Security Assessment provides a deep overview of controls for the following areas: security, availability, processing, integrity, confidentiality, privacy, incident response/breach management, examination reports, financial review, compliance risk, business continuity/disaster recovery, third party vendor management, strategic risk, reputational risk, and insurance, collection of all relevant documents and contract review/summary.
vendor cyber security services

Cybersecurity Analysis - Level 1

The Cybersecurity analysis, prepared by Venminder staff CISSPs, will cover the 5 most critical elements of your vendor’s Cybersecurity preparedness as it relates to the product or service you buy from them.
cyber security analysis service

Cybersecurity Analysis – Level 2

Provided in partnership with SecurityScorecard.

SecurityScorecard performs continuous monitoring of all registered IP addresses for your vendor and identifies known vulnerabilities non-intrusively.

vendor monitoring services

Vendor Monitoring

Delivered in partnership with Argos Risk.
  • Proactive, continuous monitoring of your critical business relationships
  • Analysis, reports and alerts regarding the financial health and creditworthiness of your vendors
  • Rich reporting tools, featuring customized on-demand reports
  • Ongoing email notifications and alerts of changes in financial health of accounts being monitored
Vendor Management Policy Template and Consulting

Vendor Management Policy Template and Consulting

We can review your policy or program documents for compliance with regulatory guidance as well as industry best practices. Or, we can start from scratch.
Vendor Management Program Template and Consulting

Vendor Management Program Template and Consulting

We can review your policy or program documents for compliance with regulatory guidance as well as industry best practices. Or, we can start from scratch.
Third Party Risk Regulatory Compliance and Operational Analysis

Regulatory Compliance and Operational Analysis

We will analyze your vendors to ensure they have the proper controls in place to protect the interests of your institution and your customers.