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Vendor RISK monitoring 

How are you monitoring the financial and business health of your vendors?
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Argos Risk is a powerful web-based solution that complements your risk management strategy by automatically gathering, evaluating, analyzing and risk scoring business information related to a vendor’s credit and business health. As new information is collected an email alert is generated to keep you aware of any changes to the risk profile of your key relationship.

Key Benefits

Easy-to-use: Visual, color-coded dashboards display information in a format you can understand

Actionable Business dashboard: Information you can use to proactively reduce your risk

Alert Notification: 24/7 alert monitoring for all your business relationships so you can see the risk and fix it fast

Powerful Analytics: Detailed, current information about how and when your customers pay, which ones are high risk, and even negative financial or legal events that have affected their status. Provides a view of all your customers and suppliers, giving you a real-time status and actionable information

Geographic Views: Show you potential location-based risk areas in the event of catastrophic weather, economic conditions and other risk factors

third party risk regulatory compliance

Regulatory Guidance

One of the fundamental requirements of the guidance is ongoing monitoring; it’s every bit as important as risk assessment and due diligence. Monitoring of your third parties can help identify a problem before it becomes a crisis.


Do you know your vendors financial condition?

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