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Venminder Unveils New Corporate Logo

Mar 17, 2019 by Venminder Experts

Just as our software and suite of managed services have evolved over the years to ensure our clients can meet new regulations and the highest of industry standards, our brand has also been evolving. We are excited to announce that Venminder has a new logo.

Our new logo, while still spelling out our name, has been modernized and involves a creative risk component. The new logo is now in use on our corporate website Venminder.com and beginning tomorrow morning, it will be updated inside the Venminder software platform. We will then begin transitioning to the new logo throughout our Venminder work products, emails, conferences, webinars and more. 

To celebrate the new logo, we've put together a quick video.

The New Venminder Logo



Venminder Experts

Written by Venminder Experts

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