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Third-Party Risk Management Platform

Centralize, automate, assess and report on your vendors with the industry's leading platform dedicated to the efficient and effective management of the entire vendor lifecycle

Mitigate risk through monitoring and oversight

Oversight Management

Proper reporting and monitoring facilitate both oversight and accountability. 

  • Vendor profile to set control requirements
  • Create and assign oversight tasks to any user
  • Record results of tasks/review
  • Run Vendor Oversight Status reports for senior management, the board and examiners

Gain complete control and management of your contracts

Contract Management

A central repository allows you to have visibility on each contract on the product level, provide an effective means of reporting on contracts and the ability to monitor third-party relationships throughout the duration of the contract. 

  • All data entry by our paralegal staff
  • Reminders of upcoming expiration dates
  • Customizable notification timelines
  • Expanded meta data fields

Assess and score risk on all your vendors

Risk Assessment

Evaluating risks ahead of time and taking steps to address them now can avoid some very costly surprises down the road. 

  • Configurable templates, weighting, answer format, questionnaires
  • Invite co-workers for collaboration
  • Templates provided or create your own
  • Assessment capabilities of both Inherent and Residual Risk and reevaluate Residual Risk as needed
  • Clear, concise reports including final collaborative rating
  • Storage of all historical risk ratings

Automate the collection of data and documentation

Vendor Questionnaires

Questionnaires should be formalized to assess the level of risk. 

  • Create a library of questionnaires (RFP, InfoSec etc.)
  • Automation of questionnaire lifecycle (send, response, review)
  • Secure Vendor portal to submit response and artifacts
  • Track progress against deadlines
  • Save responses and documents in-app

Create meaningful, easy-to-use reports for clear visibility into your vendors

Robust Reporting

Clear visibility into your vendors means you can make decisions faster and more efficiently. 

  • Fully configurable
  • Downloadable reports in both data (Excel) or visual (PDF)
  • Receive scheduled reports by email
  • Track status, trends, exceptions
  • Create custom reports for management, board and examiners

Produce a comprehensive report guaranteed to impress your auditor or examiner

Exam Prep

Your examiner will ask to see reporting on your vendors. 

  • Workflow to review, comment and assign follow-up on all key vendor compliance documentation
  • Include any other stored documentation stored for inclusion in final report
  • Create a concise, organized report prepared for delivery to examiners
  • Storage of all historical exam prep reports
  • Automated reminders when next exam prep is due

Record, monitor and remediate service level commitments in vendor contracts

SLA Management

  • Create SLAs
  • Prioritize by severity levels, what’s overdue and who to contact
  • Record performance by attaching performance evidence, comparing actual performance against contractual obligations, escalating issues and more
  • Remediate SLAs
  • Manage and report on all SLA activity

Evaluate a vendor’s business and regulatory impact before entering into an agreement

Vendor Onboarding

  • Highly configurable workflow and settings
  • Customized information gathering forms
  • Set deadlines
  • Manage vendor queues
  • Configure due diligence requirements
  • Manage pending vendor request
  • Approvals at multiple levels
  • Manage exceptions


In-App Service Ordering

Gain access to easily order from Venminder's suite of managed services inside the software platform for faster and more effiicient. 

  • Simply login and place an order for any service on any vendor at any time
  • Attach documents for review or rely on our document collection service to gather the required documents for you
  • Track the progress of orders
  • You’ll be notified when an order is complete
  • Login to review the analysis provided

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