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    Get your vendor management in order with our easy to use software that allows you to organize, track and report findings on “all things vendor” in the cloud
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    Venminder’s vendor management software is the perfect solution to organize, track and report findings to Senior Management, the Board of Directors and, ultimately the examining bodiesIt is a “must have” answer to your company meeting increasing regulatory requirements.

    Our software will guide you through critical processes such as risk assessments, due diligence requirements and task management.



    Contract Management

    Gain complete control and management of your contracts

    • All data entry by our paralegal staff
    • Expanded meta data fields
    • Reminders of upcoming expiration dates

    Exam Prep

    Produce a comprehensive report guaranteed to impress your examiner

    • Workflow to review, comment and assign follow-up on all key vendor compliance documentation
    • Include any other documentation stored within Venminder for inclusion in final report
    • Invite an expert – request assistance from a co-worker when document review requires field expertise
    • Create a concise, organized report prepared for delivery to examiners
    • Storage of all historical exam prep reports
    • Automated reminders when next exam prep is due

    Risk Assessment 

    The ability to assess and get risk ratings on all your vendors

    • Invite unlimited co-workers to contribute to any risk assessment
    • Templates provided or create your own custom template
    • Creates clear, concise risk report including final collaborative rating, all questions/all contributors
    • Storage of all historical risk rating report history
    • Reminders when next risk rating is due

    Oversight Management

    Mitigate risk through monitoring and oversight

    • Create a vendor profile to set your tasks to be completed
    • Create and assign tasks to any user
    • Record results of tasks/review
    • Create Vendor Oversight Status Reports for Senior Management, the Board and Examiners


    Automate any vendor questionnaire process such as RFP’s and InfoSec Questionnaires.

    Create: Create a questionnaire from scratch or select from one of Venminder’s samples.

    Send: When you’re ready, Venminder will send your questionnaire to the designated contact at your vendor. Set a deadline to promote a prompt response. You can include a custom message in the notification email sent to the vendor.

    Vendor Response: The vendor will answer your questions in an online portal with the ability to attach any relevant documentation. Vendor responses are captured at the database level within Venminder. When the vendor has completed your questionnaire, you will receive an email notification.

    Review: All vendor responses and associated documentation is now available for your review within the Venminder system. You may now record your own internal facing comments or attach additional documentation. When the questionnaire process is complete, you can store the finished product in the questionnaires module or save to file which in the Document Storage area. 

    Venminder’s software provides you with:

    • Cloud storage for all things vendor-related

    • Reminder systems for important tasks

    • Ability to write and read reviews of vendor products

    • Free access to compliance-related documentation for participating hosted vendors

    • Calendar system setting reminders of important dates, events and follow-up tasks

    • Store important notes and email conversations between client and vendors

    • Unlimited storage of vendor/ product points of contact

    • 3 Dashboards: Main, Vendor and Executive