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Our Leadership

Venminder is under the guidance and leadership of the industry's most experienced executives. They are committed to helping financial services companies and vendors work together to ensure risk is identified and managed appropriately.

Management Team

James Hyde, CEO Venminder

James Hyde

Chief Executive Officer

Dana Bowers, Founder of Venminder

Dana Bowers

Founder, Board Member
& Chief Solutions Architect

Branan Cooper, CRO, Venminder

Branan Cooper

Chief Risk Officer

Cindy Horn, COO, Venminder

Cindy Horn

Chief Operations Officer

Mike Campbell, CFO, Venminder

Michael Campbell

Chief Financial Officer

Brian Adams, CTO, Venminder

Brian Adams

Chief Technology Officer

Harry Rose, SVP Sales, Venminder

Harry Rose

Senior Vice President, Sales

Deirdre Grubbs, VP Marketing, Venminder

Deirdre Grubbs

Vice President, Marketing

Board of Directors