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Thought Leadership Interviews

Venminder brings you an exciting series of recorded interviews on the industry’s sought after thought leaders for their perspective and advice on third parties, mitigating risk, best practices, trends and more.

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Glen Trudel

Glen Trudel

Glen Trudel, Banking and Corporate Attorney at Ballard Spahr, discusses general challenges organizations are facing when it comes to third party risk and best practices to overcome those hurdles. He also shares his perspective on regulatory compliances and his thoughts on the OCC’s Fintech charter.

Interviewer: Branan Cooper, Venminder

Jo Ann Barefoot

Jo Ann Barefoot, CEO at Barefoot Innovation group and Cofounder at Hummingbird Regtech, shares her thought provoking insight on how organizations are handling third party risk management in this industry interview. She also gives tips on regtech vendors and cybersecurity management.

Interviewer: Branan Cooper, Venminder

Michael Donnella

This interview features Michael Donnella, Corporate Compliance Officer of Murphy Oil Corporation. Michael shares his perspective on corporate compliance and why having a culture of compliance in third party management is crucial for organizations. He also shared his thoughts on the current state of third party risk.

Interviewer: Gordon Rudd, Venminder

Lori Frank

Listen to this interview to hear President and CEO of Argos Risk, Lori Frank, cover current third party risk management challenges and shifts in ongoing monitoring trends in the industry today. She also discusses best practices for third party risk and complaint management you can use to protect your organization.

Interviewer: Branan Cooper, Venminder

Jennie Fowler

This interview features Jennie Fowler, Director of EPMO and Vendor Management Officer, at American Credit Acceptance. Throughout the interview, Jennie shares her experience and recommendations to help obtain buy-in and support from the C-suite when it comes to vendor management.

Interviewer: Branan Cooper, Venminder
Nicole DeSantis, Rabobank

Nicole DeSantis

This interview focuses on the three lines of defense model discussion and how there should be a well-developed vendor management structure at all organizations regardless of the size. And, with extensive knowledge of the GDPR, Nicole shares her thoughts on future GDPR implications on U.S. corporations.

Interviewer: Branan Cooper, Venminder
spencer knibbe cofounder mbk search thought leadership

Spencer Knibbe

This interview focuses on the role of vendor management in financial institutions from a legal and regulatory perspective. We cover the pain points organizations are experiencing for third party risk, which includes data aggregation, organizational consistency, reporting and cybersecurity.

Interviewer: Branan Cooper, Venminder
keith koo guardian insight group silicon valley insider thought leadership

Keith Koo

This interview covers qualifications that are needed on a third party risk management team, why cybersecurity risk is something that you can never really defeat, how you can outsource the activity but you can’t outsource risk and a thought provoking conundrum about the introduction of decentralized technology.

Interviewer: Branan Cooper, Venminder
brian tate president and ceo at nbpca

Brian Tate

This interview covers both a legal and industry perspective on third party risk, impact of fraud in third party risk management, how investing in third party risk protects you, discussion regarding increased oversight at the state level and a post Dodd-Frank Act lesson - senior management and the board must be involved.

Interviewer: Branan Cooper, Venminder
ashley kelley atlanta postal credit union thought leadership

Ashley Kelley

Join us and Ashley Kelley, VP of ERM at APCU, for a discussion on third party risk overall, centralizing third party risk management - why it can be a struggle but is needed, insight from the VP for the International Association of Financial Crimes Investigators (IAFCI) on cybersecurity expectations and concerns and more.

Interviewer: Branan Cooper, Venminder
Michael Morris pkm

Michael Morris

Join us and Michael Morris, Systems Partner at Porter Keadle Moore, LLP, for an auditor's perspective on vendor risk management. Topics  covered include: best practices for managing risk, addressing today's cybersecurity threats and risks, top areas of concern for a SOC audit report and more.

Interviewer: Branan Cooper, Venminder
vendor risk management

Amy Hanna Keeney

Join Venminder and Amy Hanna Keeney, Attorney with Adams and Reese LLP, for a thought-provoking interview on 2018 CFPB progress & activities, what you can expect from the CFPB in regards to regulatory guidance, the future of UDAAP enforcement actions, CFPB hot topics for the coming months and more.

Interviewer: Branan Cooper, Venminder
vendor risk management

Loraine DeBonis

Join us and Loraine DeBonis of Ubiquity Compliance Solutions for key takeaways from a panelist at the NBPCA’s Power of Prepaid conference perspective, challenges banks & prepaid program managers are facing regarding the Fed’s Regulation E, improving risk management and more.

Interviewer: Branan Cooper, Venminder
vendor risk management best practices

Ed DeMarco

Join us and Ed DeMarco, General Counsel and Director of Operational Risk & Regulatory Relations/Communications of the Risk Management Assocation (RMA), for a discussion on vendor risk management challenges & best practices, cybersecurity, regulatory compliance and more.

Interviewer: Branan Cooper, Venminder
third party risk management

Jim Hussey

Join us and Jim Hussey, Founder of IT-TPRM.com, for a discussion on vendor risk management challenges, why you should place heavier focus on technology or fintech risk, how to engage the first line of defense, advice on meeting OCC lifecycle expectations, best practices and more.

Interviewer: Branan Cooper, Venminder
vendor management best practices

Andrew Lorentz

Join us and Andrew Lorentz, Attorney at Davis Wright Tremaine LLPWe discuss balancing commercial opportunities with compliance initiatives, importance of community involvement and legal analysis, cybersecurity at exams and outside counsel's view on if the board is properly involved.

Interviewer: Branan Cooper, Venminder
third party risk management bests practices

Glen Trudel

Join us and Glen Trudel, Partner at Ballard Sphar, LLC. We discuss the biggest third party risk struggles financial institutions face today, how to handle ongoing vendor risk management and vendor oversight, addressing cybersecurity, board involvement, industry expectations and more.

Interviewer: Branan Cooper, Venminder
third party risk management best practices

James Russell

Join Venminder and James Russell, CPA at Russell Bank Consulting. James discusses third party risk management changes over the last decade, common third party risk management issues during examination, how to handle third party relationships that start to go downhill and more.

Interviewer: Branan Cooper, Venminder
third party risk regulations

Elizabeth Khalil

Join us and Elizabeth Khalil, Partner of Dykema Gossett PLLC. She discusses how third party risk has evolved, UDAAP risk, the need for vendor management from fintech companies, how defining responsibilities eliminate gaps, why efficient ongoing monitoring is key and more. 

Interviewer: Branan Cooper, Venminder
third party risk management best practices

Marilyn Bochicchio

Join Venminder and Marilyn Bochicchio, Founder of Hidden Brain, for a podcast discussion on how fintech companies can be prepared to uphold the level of regulatory standards, third party risk management for all types and sizes of financial institutions, best practices for managing risks and more. 

Interviewer: Branan Cooper, Venminder
mba mortgage bankers association

David Stevens, CMB

Venminder was honored to be joined by David Stevens, President and CEO of the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA). Listen to this interview for discussions on data security, cybersecurity, lessons learned from the housing crisis, the CFPB relation to regulatory compliance and much more.

Interviewer: Venminder
vendor risk assessment

Shane Martin

This Venminder interview drills down into a specific vendor type - the appraisal management company (AMC) and appraisal management software. With Shane Martin, EVP of InHouseUSA, we discuss the specific areas of third party risk to pay attention to when using an AMC as fourth party vendor.

Interviewer: Venminder
outsource vendor management

Suresh Ramakrishnan

Venminder sat down with Suresh Ramakrishnan, SVP of Ascendum Solutions, for an interview on third party risk management best practices and how outsourcing (if managed correctly) can provide greater efficiencies, reduce your workload and help with cost management.

Interviewer: Venminder