The Vendor Management Umbrella Infographic
Part 1: The Overview

bank-credit-union-infographic-landing-vendor-management-umbrella-part-one.pngIt's your best coverage for when a storm of difficult vendors or tough regulatory exams are on the horizon

Here's your starting point of our 4-part series that covers the 3 primary components essential to building an exam proof  vendor management operation at your financial institution. Those 3 components are:

Policy - Program - Procedures

Part 1 of the series begins with a high level review of the vendor management umbrella and a brief description of the 3 components described above. Parts 2-4 break down each component of the umbrella in more detail.


  • Defining the parts of the vendor management umbrella
  • How does each part fit into the big picture?
  • What is the purpose of each component?
  • Most importantly, what will your examiner expect to see in each of the three parts?

Think of vendor management as an umbrella.  An umbrella has three important elements too. The canopy, the rod and the handle. Each plays an important role in ensuring you are covered during a downpour. 


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